Nanoleaf develops classy lighting with a wood-like finish for your home

Nanoleaf develops classy lighting with a wood-like finish for your home

Already out for a while now, Nanoleaf Shapes have served as smart light panels for customers looking to spice up the style of any room in a home or other building space. However, when these light panels switch off, they assume a dull white color.

Now, with its new Elements range, the company Nanoleaf seeks to offer customers a light panel that looks just as aesthetically pleasing when it’s turned off as when it’s lit up. To accomplish this, the company has created these new panels with a wood-grain veneer finish rather than white, giving the fixture a more natural appearance.

Indeed, these new panels also provide a softer color range than the brighter options of their predecessor. Instead, the new product alternates among a range of cool to warm whites, once again meant to mimic natural light.

Moreover, the new fixture also includes 11 preset lighting effects which imitate either a calming waterfall, crackling fireplace or whichever custom sound you choose when using the app. To enhance the organic effect even further, Nanoleaf says each corner of the panel can illuminate independently.

Playing off the rest of Nanoleaf’s products of this nature, these hexagon-shaped Elements respond to touch and can also react to musical rhythms. Users can even schedule the lights’ activation to either help you calm down at night or gradually wake up in the morning.

Finally, Nanoleaf notes that, while the new Nanoleaf Elements are technically compatible with the existing Shapes range in that they utilize the same connectors for each panel, combining these two products might create aesthetic confusion between the vibrant Shapes and softer Elements.

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