Amazon PS5 restock time: when it’ll be in stock – and how to get it

Update: The Amazon PS5 restock time is hours from right now. That’s when 46,000 PS5 consoles are scheduled to go on sale, according to our sources. When is the PS5 restock time? You can follow our real-time tracker below.

The Amazon PS5 restock on Thursday, March 18 has been narrowed down to a two-hour window, TechRadar can report thanks to sources with knowledge of the US retailer’s PS5 inventory schedule. It’s massive, too, at 46,000 PS5 consoles scheduled to be in stock.

We’ll send you an alert via our PS5 restock Twitter tracker between the hours of 9am EDT and 11am EDT, thanks to information seen by TechRadar and Twitter leaker and YouTuber Jake Randall. We worked to nail down the PS5 restock time today after confirming the date with our Amazon sources late last week.

It’ll look like:

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Why sign up for PS5 restock alerts? On average, we see PS5 restock sell out in less than three minutes. Some retailers release inventory in waves to extend the time to buy to 30 or 45 minutes, but when a PS5 restock happens unabated, you have under three minutes to buy the consoles. In other words, seconds count.

Amazon PS5 restock time and how to buy it

So how do you buy the PS5 from Amazon on Thursday when the time comes? First, you need to decide between PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition. Second, you’ll want to visit these two Amazon links below, where the consoles will show up – eventually.

Two important facts: Right now, these links lead to consoles that cost $1,000 on average from third-party vendors who are using Amazon Marketplace due to the demand that Sony can’t meet. We’ve gotten a lot of messages from people outraged at the price. This ain’t it, chief.

Ignore them. When the Amazon PS5 restock happens on Thursday, March 18, they’ll be replaced by consoles sold by The point is, they’ll appear on those same pages we’ve linked.

Second thing: Amazon doesn’t sell the Sony PS5 console as a bundle. So you won’t be forced to buy games or accessories. It’s just the standalone console. That’s good in one sense, but bad news because bundles a lot last longer. Resellers have a much harder time profiting from bundles, as they can’t mark up games and accessories (which are readily available outside of Sony’s PS5 DualSense charging station).

Full list of PS5 restock at trusted retailers

Important PS5 restock tip: Don’t buy PS5 off of Twitter or other online sources that don’t have fraud protection. The reliable dozen US stores above have had PS5 stock in the past. People have lost thousands of dollars trusting others on Twitter.

Amazon PS5 restock consists of 46,000 consoles

46,000 PS5 consoles are up for grabs during the Amazon PS5 restock. We don’t know the breakdown of PS5 Disc and Digital Edition inventory. We also don’t have word of an Xbox Series X restock.

To offer context, the last restock of the PlayStation 5 was on March 3, and the same tipster mentioned that the retailer had 38,000 PS5 consoles. Hundreds of the people following our (then smaller) PS5 restock Twitter tracker fed back to us that they got the console. So 46,000 is a massive number.

Amazon remains the hardest retailer to buy from because everyone has their details set up in advance. No one is fumbling around, trying to log in to as they would be for Target or Walmart. And most people have their credit card information or their home address ready. Amazon makes things so easy. That’s good and bad.

Our PS5 restock track record

The Amazon PS5 restock on March 18 isn’t the first time that multiple sources have come to us to reveal when the console would be back in stock. It’s actually the third time in the last two weeks.

We also exclusively revealed the Target and Best Buy restock dates last week thanks to multiple sources inside retailer warehouses and in management positions. Side note: you shouldn’t expect new Target stock this week, making the Amazon PS5 restock all the more meaningful. 

We’ve been there on minute one for other retail inventory launches, with GameStop, Antonline, Walmart and Sony Direct notifications as soon as the consoles goes back in stock.

Best Buy warehouse this week. Photo provided exclusively to TechRadar. Alterations have been made to protect the identity of our source. (Image Best Buy employee)

With the help of warehouse sources, we’ve gotten other PS5 inventory projections correct, including quantity, the time, and date of shipments.

Here’s why the PS5 restock date and time is never set in stone at brick-and-mortar retail stores until the last day or two – and this may apply to Amazon, too: every warehouse around the Unites States that is due consoles needs to get the consoles in first – and there needs to be enough of them distributed around the country. It’s an inventory and logistic necessity, we’re told.

Also, Amazon, like Best Buy, may not sell through its full inventory to consumers. Some consoles may be held in case someone comes back with a console that’s defective. We’re told situations like that are rare, but it does happen, so there needs to be enough stock to remedy those issues from each store.

We’ll continue to update this page as we hear more about the impending Amazon PS5 restock on Thursday. The time window has been narrowed, so you know when to look. Now it’s all about carting the console before everyone else does.

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