A Tesla Investor Is Pouring Money Into Jetpack Technology

Jetpack Future

Famed venture capitalist Tim Draper just made major investments in jetpack suit companies JetPack Aviation and Gravity Industries, as CNBC reports. Draper was an early investor for both Tesla and SpaceX.

Gravity Industries has repeatedly made headlines for its “Iron Man”-like jetpack suit, which allows its wearer to careen through the air at breakneck speeds.


Jetpack Aviation has also been developing its own similar jetpack suit. The company is also working on a fully stabilized flying autonomous motorcycle called “Speeder” that can seat up to two individuals and reach speeds beyond 250 mph.

“I think we are now in in a two-dimensional transport society and both of these companies have figured out how to make this technology more practical so anyone can fly and land from anywhere,” Draper told CNBC. “These are exciting and fun to ride.”

“Right now, we are stuck in cars, long distances require driving to an airport and getting on a plane,” he added. “Imagine you can just strap on a jetsuit and take off and fly where ever you want to go. I think VTOL technology is what we are all looking for.”

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