Airbus shares a glimpse of its flying taxi cockpit

Airbus has been working for years on its Vahana project. This is an attempt to create an autonomous network of passenger drones. In January, the company’s flying taxi took off for the first time. Now we have an overview of what the cockpit might look like. In a blog post, the Airbus Vahana team shared photos of Alpha Two, its first demonstrator with a finished interior.

The pics present the specific seat in Alpha Two. It seems like a video clip recreation in a activity room, but is a little bit far more futuristic. From the cockpit travellers have a very clear check out of the horizon – there is no pilot who could stand in the way. There is also a single High definition display that shows facts such as trajectory. Yet another image demonstrates Alpha Two with the cabin hatch open up, but it is not apparent how passengers will actually get on the aircraft. Airbus presents a platform or methods.

The company’s 1st flight checks reportedly went perfectly, even while the airplane was only 16 ft above the ground for a handful of seconds. But Vahana nonetheless requirements a great deal more improvement and screening ahead of it is completely ready for passenger flight. Just a handful of yrs ago, self-propelled air taxis sounded significantly-fetched, and currently we have a very excellent plan of what they could possibly look like.

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