NASA wants you to get your boarding pass to Mars

NASA has launched a “Send Your Name” campaign that will put your name on the March 2020 rover, leaving a long-term registration of your name on the red planet.

It will not be easy to read – the JPL uses an electron beam to engrave more than a million names on a chip the size of a dime – but you will receive a “boarding pass” to prove that your name is linked to Mars.

The selection is offered to nearly everyone in the earth and doesn’t call for extra delicate facts than your email handle. NASA cautions that your inclusion is “subject matter to evaluation,” so pranksters and spammers usually are not confirmed to get their names on the rover. You have until September 30th to participate.

NASA is just not shy about the motivations below: it can be drumming up hoopla for its extraterrestrial missions, irrespective of whether it can be Mars exploration or its formidable prepare to return astronauts to the Moon. No matter, it truly is hard not to get a tiny bit fired up realizing that you can expect to have some sort of existence on Mars, even if it can be purely symbolic.

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