Tesla scraps plan for ultra-luxe Plaid+ model

Tesla has abandoned a plan for an ultra-deluxe Plaid+ version of its Model S vehicle, according to founder Elon Musk.

Musk said in a tweet Sunday that the juiced-up Plaid is “just so good,” that there is no need to go further with the Plaid+ model.

The planned Plaid+ priced at $150,000 would have achieved a range of 830 kilometers (515 miles) with an acceleration to 96 kilometers (60 miles) per hour in just two seconds.

The Plaid model set to go on sale June 10 will sell for around $120,000 with a range of 624 kilometers, with the same acceleration capacity as the Plaid+.

“Model S goes to Plaid speed this week,” Musk tweeted. “Plaid+ is canceled. No need, as Plaid is just so good.”

He claimed the new model is the “quickest production car ever made of any kind.”

Tesla’s move comes as all automakers struggle with a shortage of parts, especially microprocessors, which have been hitting a variety of manufacturing and technology sectors.

The electric car maker set production and delivery records in the first quarter, with the auto industry upstart’s Model 3 becoming the best-selling “premier sedan” in the world, according to Musk.

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Tesla scraps plan for ultra-luxe Plaid+ model (2021, June 7)
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