Oracle Cloud adds more services, Ampere instances to Always Free tier

Oracle said it is adding 13 more free services including Ampere instances to its Oracle Cloud Free Tier as it aims to woo more developers to the platform.

In September 2019, Oracle launched its Oracle Cloud Free Tier and “Always Free” services including compute, storage and autonomous database. Oracle also offers a 30-day free trial with $300 of free credits.

With the addition of the new Always Free services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has 20 free services in infrastructure, networking, database, observability and management and security.

According to Oracle, the Always Free services will enable developers to deploy apps instead of just Hello World demos.

A few of the new Always Free services include:

Autonomous JSON Database with the ability to run up to two databases with a choice of workload types ranging from Autonomous Transaction Processing, Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous JSON Database. Oracle has also added a fully managed NoSQL database cloud service. APEX Application Development for low-code development. Always Free APEX Service delivers Oracle APEX running in Oracle Cloud as a fully managed service with up to 1 OCPU (shared) and 20 GB of storage. The service can support 3 to 6 users accessing the service simultaneously with an unlimited number of applications, developer accounts and end-user accounts. OCI Logging with a 10 GB per month allocation as an Always Free resource. Access includes audit, service and custom logs. Application Performance Management with monitoring for 1,000 events per hour. OCI Flexible Load Balancing with an Always Free account with a minimum and maximum bandwidth of 10 Mbps.


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