Realistic, Interactive VR Sex Is Finally Here, and It’s Affordable

VR sex toys from Kiiroo

Virtual reality, as a concept, has been around for decades. And for as long as it’s been in the public consciousness, the concept of VR sex and virtual reality porn has been very close behind. It’s natural, after all, for the mind to wander towards the sexual extrapolation of any new technology. But now this VR sex is no longer just a hypothetical. It’s becoming science fact thanks to the innovative, immersive experience of Titan VR by KIIROO.

Titan by KIIROO is the first-ever interactive vibrating stroker that will bring the all-important fourth dimension to your virtual porn experience. It’s outfitted with touch-sensitive vibration technology across nine bullet vibrators in the “real-feel” sleeve, all engineered to intensify your climax. With Neuromancer tech like this in your home, your real concern will be finding adequate reasons to go outside.

But what sets KIIROO’s Titan apart is its connectivity with other online devices. By connecting to another person’s device, you can feel everything they do through vibrations in your own device, while giving them total control over speed and intensity. And if you don’t have a VR sex partner on deck, you can still enjoy this cutting-edge tech in conjunction with more than 4,000 VR videos and counting, with customized vibration patterns synced up to the action.


Of course, not going outside is en vogue in a big way these days, which may account for why more people than ever are interested in Titan by KIIROO. Increased demand has led KIIROO to offer the full Titan VR Experience for the price of a standard Titan VR kit. That means in addition to the Titan by KIIROO stroker you get a VR helmet (compatible…

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