Get 29 hours of coding training on Python, SQL, and more for just $29

If you’re ready for a major life change and a well-paying tech career, The Premium Coding Skills Bundle is just what you need.

Interested in building mobile apps? “Master Flutter & Dart with a Complete Showcase Mobile App” will teach you how to build them for both iOS and Android. Previous students loved this course, they rated it an incredible 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Is there any way to learn how to code that’s more fun than creating games? Two courses in this bundle take this route: “Scratch 3.0 Programming Masterclass: Learn by Creating 12 Funny Games” and “Learn Coding by Creating 3D Games with Kodu Game Lab.”

Python is the easiest programming language to learn and one of the most in-demand skills of 2021. So you will have far better opportunities for career advancement with an actual certification. In “Python MTA 98-381 Complete Preparation Course,” you’ll learn everything from computer programming basics to database handling and more.

“MTA 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals Preparation Course” will teach you all you need to pass the exam, including general software development, object-oriented programming, and more. “SQL: Mastering MySQL & MariaDB with Step-by-Step Examples for Beginners” will qualify you for positions as an SQL developer or database administrator.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a number of processes to improve and refine the IT service lifecycle. Among many other things you’ll learn in “ITIL 4 Certification Exam: A Complete Preparation Masterclass to Master ITIL” is how to establish cost-effective guidelines to improve resource management, increase productivity, create a stable environment that supports continual change, and manage risks without unintentionally disrupting or sabotaging your service.

Dr. Chris Mall is the instructor of all the courses in this bundle. Not only does he hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Software Development, as well as a number of information technology professional certifications, he also has a Master of Science degree in Information Technology with specializations in the development of mobile applications, among others.

These skills are not only excellent for generating higher salaries, but they are perfectly suited to remote work. So if you’ve been longing to work from destinations around the globe, you may want to learn a new language, too.

Don’t pass up this chance to easily get tech skills with The Premium Coding Skills Bundle, on sale now for just $29.

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