Space Force unveils its official logo and motto: ‘Always Above’

The official logo of the U.S. Space Force. (Image United States Space Force)

The U.S. Space Force unveiled its official motto and logo Wednesday (July 22), along with the meaning behind its striking insignia. 

On Jan. 24 of this year, an image was revealed that many people believed to be the logo for the U.S. Space Force. However, it turned out that this design is actually the seal for the new military branch, not the logo. But on Wednesday, the branch rolled out the official logo, the U.S. Space Force motto and the meaning behind the logo’s design (and no, despite its Delta shape, it is not “Star Trek”-inspired.)

Starting with the official motto: Space Force now operates under the words “Semper Supra,” which is Latin for “Always Above.” This motto, as the military branch explained on Twitter, “represents our role in establishing, maintaining, and preserving U.S. freedom of operations in the space domain.”

The logo is a sharp Delta symbol. 

“First used in 1961, the Delta symbol honors the heritage of the USAF [United States Air Force] and Space Command,” explains an infographic released by the U.S. Space Force in a statement.

The Delta symbol has a silver outer border that, as the infographic describes, “signifies defense and protection from all adversaries and threats emanating from the space domain.” Just within the silver lining is a black inner border and inner region, which “embodies the vast darkness of deep space.”

An explanation behind the U.S. Space…

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