Beef up your Netflix with a VPN

South African Netflix users are genuinely held back by the local bouquet offering. In comparison to our Northern Hemisphere counterparts, there are myriads of shows and movies we don’t have access to and we can’t help but feel left out.

While our offering is quick on the Netflix Original productions, when it comes to international classics like The Office and such, we haven’t had the chance to binge watch these.

Netflix is not exactly entirely to blame for our roster of content. The streaming giant is embattled with government’s plans to make a local content quota the law, as well as competition rights from other services.

Certain Netflix Originals and other international TV shows are under exclusive partnership contracts, making them available to certain parts of the world only.

And yet we, the people, are the ones that suffer most.

If you’ve had enough of the current Netflix offering, this is where a trusty virtual private network (VPN) will come in handy.

Using a VPN will allow you, the people, to access a Netflix library from a different country. 

How it works

VPNs essentially disguise a user’s IP address. It will direct network traffic through a server that can be used in various locations around the world. You need to choose a VPN that allows you to access other Netflix libraries, otherwise you’ve wasted your time and got your hopes up for nothing. 

Once you’ve chosen a VPN you’ll be able to access a Netflix library from a country of your choice. The UK has the largest library of shows and movies so that may be a good place to start. 

Quality VPNs

There are a number of reputable VPNs to choose from and some real bogus ones too. 

Surfshark is a reputable option and is currently running a special for $2.21 a month.

Click here for the best VPN services for 2021 

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