Brazil publishes National Innovation Policy

The Brazilian government has published a decree that creates the National Innovation Policy (NIP), which will be followed by the creation of a wide-ranging plan to address various aspects of innovation development in the country.

The NIP will be looking at six key areas, such as how to broaden Brazil’s human capital pool to work on activities related to innovation. It will also aim to stimulate research, development and innovation by companies and private non-profit entities, to boost the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, wealth generation and social well-being.

According to the government, the NIP will promote the coordination and deployment of public resources directly or indirectly related to the promotion of innovation. It will also encourage the transformation of knowledge into innovative products, processes and services.

The decree also determines the creation of an Innovation Committee, to be chaired by the presidential office and managed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations.

The Committee will have representatives from nine ministries including Defense, Economy, Agriculture, Education and Health, as well as Science and Technology. There will be no representatives from the civil society or the private sector.

The interministerial Committee will then be tasked with formulating a National Innovation Strategy, as well as defining priorities and promoting engagement between states and cities, as well as other countries.

Up to five advisory committees will be created to address different themes, which could include representatives from other public and private sector bodies as well as businesses.

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