Apple to open North Carolina campus as part of $430 billion US investment


Apple on Monday announced an expanded $430 billion investment package in its US operations, along with plans to add an additional 20,000 new jobs across the country over the next five years. As part of the investments, the Cupertino tech giant will spend around $1 billion on a new campus and engineering hub in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area.

Apple said the North Carolina investment will create at least 3,000 new jobs in machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and other technology fields.

North Carolina is also set to receive $100 million in funding to support schools and community initiatives in the greater Raleigh-Durham area and across the state, as well as over $110 million in infrastructure spending in the 80 North Carolina counties with the greatest financial need. The infrastructure funds will go toward broadband, roads and bridges, and public schools. 

As its US footprint expands, Apple said it remains committed to its plan to extend its carbon neutral ambitions beyond its own operations to include its manufacturing supply chain, and product life cycle. It aims for its supply chain to be carbon neutral by 2030.

“At this moment of recovery and rebuilding, Apple is doubling down on our commitment to US innovation and manufacturing with a generational investment reaching communities across all 50 states,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “We’re creating jobs in cutting-edge fields — from 5G to silicon engineering to artificial intelligence — investing in the next generation of innovative new businesses, and in all our work, building toward a greener and more equitable future.”

In 2018, Apple laid out a five-year goal of investing $350 billion in its US operations. This new $430 billion target is essentially an expansion of that initial investment and jobs plan. Apple said it’s on track to meet its original 2018 jobs target in the US by 2023. With this new commitment, Apple is setting a target of creating 20,000 additional jobs in states across the US.


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