Light Field Lab debuts SolidLight – a high resolution holographic display

Light Field Lab debuts SolidLight – a high resolution holographic display

A team of engineers at Silicon Valley startup Light Field Lab is debuting its new high-resolution holographic display, SolidLight. In its announcement, officials with the company claim that it is “the highest-resolution holographic display platform ever designed.” The company has also invited members of the media to view the new platform in person.

For many years, researchers around the world have been working toward building a true holographic display—one that appears to those who view it as realistic. With the introduction of SolidLight, that goal appears very close to being achieved. Members of the press who have seen it in person describe it as “a true hologram,” or “the first of its kind.”

The high-resolution holographic display is unique in its design as well. It was made by enclosing what the company calls a High Performance and Proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array, electronics and Wall and Display controllers behind a photonics array along with a nanoparticle polymer fused surface energy relay—in a box of sorts. The front of it is covered with a complex phase-guide modulation surface. A finished display is made by placing sub-modules together to create a larger display, each with 16 x 10k pixels. This configuration is capable of generating holograms made of 2.5 billion pixels with a density of 10 billion pixels per meter. Holograms were created by emitting light into the space in front of the display at millions of angles, allowing viewers to see displayed objects in all dimensions, which is what makes the holograms appear to be three dimensional to the human brain.

On their announcement page, Light Field Lab notes that there is no head tracking and no latency with SolidLight; thus, there is no motion sickness. They also note that they are currently taking orders for their new platform and that customers are free to use their platform in any way they choose—they suspect initial users will use their platform to create holographic, life-sized video walls.

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