Salesforce bolsters with helpdesk, productivity, messaging tools

Salesforce is beefing up its suite with employee workspaces, helpdesk apps and queue management.

With the new features to, Salesforce is shifting more to the new normal for work with a focus on employee wellbeing, productivity and self-service amid remote work. launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help enterprises manage rapid changes and business continuity.

Salesforce’s take with’s updates is that companies need to treat employees more like valued customers.

New additions to include:

Employee Workspace, a hub for productivity apps, employee profiles, updates and personalized communications and notifications. Employee Helpdesk, which uses Einstein AI chatbots to resolve questions about HR policies, benefits and IT issues quickly. Queue Management, a tool so brick-and-mortar businesses can minimize physical lines. Using SMS notifications, customers can wait remotely and keep their places in line. Broadcast Messaging to keep customers informed on changing appointments, updated hours and safety reminders.Salesforce also said it is integrating content from Thrive Global to address wellbeing, anxiety and work-life balance. 


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