All black PS5 orders have been cancelled after team received ‘threats to their safety’

The black PS5 from SUP3R5 officially sold out after going on sale on January 8, but all orders have now been cancelled after the team behind the nostalgic makeover apparently received “credible threats” to their safety.

In a statement via Twitter, the SUP3R5 team said: “Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously. We aren’t willing to risk the safety and well-being of our team, or the potential impact this would bring on your order.”

It’s unclear whether the threats have been issued by disgruntled customers who missed out on securing a console or whether Sony has stepped in and threatened legal action, but we’ll be searching for more answers in the coming days such as whether customers are indeed receiving a full refund and why users seemingly can’t delete their payment information

Unfortunately, for those who did manage to snag one of the 304 PS2-themed PS5 consoles on sale, all orders have been abruptly cancelled.

“All existing orders will be cancelled and fully refunded in the coming days,” SUP3R5 said. “We intended this to be a fun way to celebrate a shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people out there who are willing to interfere with that.”

Hard reset

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the black PS5 launch did not go smoothly. Many users encountered payment issues and were charged for pre-orders that weren’t actually available. 

Production of the black PS5 was limited to just 304 units, and demand far exceeded expectations: a trend that has become all too familiar whenever PS5 stock has appeared.

Before cancelling all orders, SUP3R5 previously apologized on Twitter for the frustration some users faced, and vowed to do better in the future. The team also clarified what will happen to those who were charged mistakenly, though now everyone who placed an order will be refunded. 

“If you were charged today, but received no confirmation email, your order did not complete,” the statement reads. “Charges for orders that did not complete will be reversed back to you. This usually happens within one day.”

Despite the disastrous launch, SUP3R5 said: “If we determine that it’s safe to try again, we will.” Any future launches, will be spread out into smaller batches to avoid the same “strain on our systems”.

If you have placed an order and would like to contact SUP3R5, you can do so here

The custom console and accompanying DualSense controller were due to ship in late spring 2021, and the design reflected the look of the iconic PS2, which still remains the best-selling PlayStation console to date with 155 million units sold worldwide. 

But why were only 304 units made? Well, it’s because the PS2 was originally released on 03/04/00. If you only wanted the DualSense controller, you had a slightly better chance of getting one, as there were 500 units up for grabs.

It was easy to predict that the launch wouldn’t go exactly to plan on the morning of January 8. A staggering 54K were already on the waitlist for the console, and that number continued to rise before preorders went live.

If you wanted the black PS5, you had to pay a premium of $99 for the DualSense controller (usually $69) and $649 for the PS5 console (usually $499). But when you compare it to the garish gold PS5 that costs over $10,000, it almost seems reasonable. 

Risky business

It goes without saying that if you ordered the PS5 or a DualSense controller from SUP3R5 or plan to do so in the future, you do so at your own risk. There is always a chance things can go wrong, especially when dealing with an unknown retailer or in a case where a project could be shut down by the copyright holder. 

Sony already shut down a retailer that was selling custom PS5 faceplates last year, however, popular skin maker dbrand challenged the company to stop its attempts at selling black PS5 faceplates

If you’re still searching for a standard PS5, we’re helping you find where to buy PS5 by checking all the major retailers for any new stock updates. 

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