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Choosing the “best office chair” is really subjective. Not everyone wants the same chair. Some people prioritize being comfy, while others want something that looks striking behind their desk. Then there are people who focus on price. Either they want the cheapest, best-value chair out there, or they want the creme de la creme. That’s where our list comes in handy.

We’ve hand-picked 16 office chairs that will satisfy a range of wants and needs. We first looked at all the top brands, then combed through hundreds of chair listings at different price points across several retailers, absorbed what the user reviews had to say, and ultimately landed on this bunch, which we believe are among the absolute best office chairs you can buy right now. 

Best gaming chair

The Omega from Secretlab is one of the most popular desk chairs for PC gaming, but we think it’s also great for video editors. It’s made out of a type of leather that is four times more durable than regular leather. It has two pillows for extra comfort — one designed to rest your head upon and another to support your lower back. It’s fully adjustable, too, making it the perfect chair for long gaming sessions. 

Max weight capacity: 240lbs

$379 at Secretlab

Best designer chair


Herman Miller’s chairs are known for their looks. This particular model is a great choice if you’re looking for something comfortable yet still stylish. The Sayl has a “3D intelligent” back design that gives the chair it’s unique look while providing support. It’s actually frameless, with the back following the curve of your spine, which should make it easier to stay seated for long periods while keeping a healthy posture. The Sayl also has a tilt limiter, so you never have to worry about tipping yourself over if you lean back too far. 

Max weight capacity: 350lbs

$545 at Herman Miller

Best office chair


The Aeron is another chair from Herman Miller. It’s our choice for the absolute best office chair because it’s been a favorite among executives since the early 90s, but of course, that means it comes with a hefty price tag as well. The Aeron uses an “8Z Pellicle elastomeric” suspension to create zones that run across the chair to make sure your body feels totally supported. This unique backing also allows body heat to pass through the chair, so you’re comfortable in warmer climates or during summer months. The chair also has fully adjustable arms and a tilt limiter. 

Max weight capacity: 350lbs

$1,395 at Herman Miller

Best executive chair


La-Z-Boy is perhaps known for making ultra-soft and comfortable chairs — and the Delano office chair is no exception. This leather chair has ergonomic controls to adjust both the height and tilt, helping ensure you’re comfortable regardless of what task you’re trying to accomplish. The chair is also capable of holding the biggest and heftiest of us. 

Max weight capacity: 400lbs

$450 at Amazon

Best chair for posture


The Steelcase Gesture is an ideal chair for those who spend hours every day working in front of a computer and suffer from lower back pain. While it does have a high price point, the Gesture checks a lot of boxes. It’s extremely flexible, with the arms and the seat adjusting to wherever you find it most comfortable. It’s rated for 24/7 usage and comes with a stellar warranty that should cover any problems. It’s frequently rated as the best chair for programmers, developers, and IT technicians. 

Max weight capacity: 400lbs

$879 at Amazon

Best chair for reclining and napping


This desk chair from Hbada is basically for power-nappers. It’s a reclining desk chair capable of going back to any position between 90 degrees, which is perfect for working upright at a desk, to 150 degrees, for a quick cat nap or just to stretch your back out. It also has an ergonomic design with an adjustable headrest, breathable mesh backing, and lumbar support. 

Max weight capacity: 300lbs

$230 at Amazon

Best office chair under $300


The Hon Exposure is our best-value option for under $300. It comes in leather, fabric, or a hybrid leather/fabric materials and has an ergonomic build that allows the arms to be adjusted easily for whatever it is you’re doing. The main drawback to the Exposure is that it’s rather plain to look at, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you need an all-rounder that won’t break the bank. 

Max weight capacity: 250lbs

$230 at Amazon

Best office chair under $200


Amazon’s own office chair is just $125, though there are grey and beige options going for a bit more. Either way, it’s cheap, and perfect for those on a budget. The chair has padded seats for extra lumbar support, too, plus rolling castor wheels perfect for any surface, and 360-degree swivel capabilities. It’s also pretty stylish, courtesy of the leather upholstery. 

Max weight capacity: 275lbs

$120 at Amazon

Best leather chair


Close your eyes and picture an executive chair. We suspect this leather chair is what comes to mind. It features authentic wooden accents and is made by mattress-maker Serta, so you know the chair’s comfortable. It also has an ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support. 

Max weight capacity: 350lbs

$277 at Amazon

Best ergonomic chair


The Humanscale Freedom office chair is designed to move in synchronization with your body. It’s supposed to be very responsive, from the headrest that supports your head while reclining but disappears when sitting upright, to the pivoting backrest that follows your spine as you move in the seat. The entire chair can also be adjusted to make sure it fits every groove. The Humanscale Freedom comes in black, blue, cayenne, graphite, navy, and sage. 

Max weight capacity: 300lbs

$1,049 at Amazon

Best drafting chair


If you’re the kind of person who’s in and out of your chair all day or hunched over drawing at a drafting table for hours on end, this Hon Volt chair is for you. It offers height adjustment and a footrest beneath the seat, making it ideal for working at tall workstations. It comes in black, with crimson and navy options available at higher prices. 

Max weight capacity: 250lbs

$234 at Amazon

Best standing chair


The Varichair Pro offers a unique design so you can almost lean on the chair for support. It uses an air-lift piston to allow the seat to adjust up to heights of 32.75 inches. It might seem a little expensive for a chair without a back, but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to sit all day long, but still needs to frequently be at a desk computer, then the Varichair might be your answer. However, it’s sometimes unavailable on Amazon. If that’s the case, then check out the Songmics Standing Desk Chair for a similar product.

Max weight capacity: 220lbs

$375 at Amazon

Amazon (Songmics)

Best leaning chair/stool


Finally, the Mogo seat is perfect for anyone who’s moving from place to place, completing tasks all day. Sometimes, it’s not easy to be on the go every day and you just need a quick seat or something to lean on when things are quiet. The Mogo seat lets you sit on the go. It’s one leg is compact enough to let you take it with you as your working, but it also forces you to use core muscles and puts less pressure on your spine while sitting. It comes in two different colors (black and red). 

Max weight capacity: 250lbs

$104 at Amazon

Best kneeling chair


The Varier Kneeling Chair is unlike any other office chair on this list. While it is designed to be a chair, you kneel in it for a healthier sitting experience. You basically sit in a position where your thighs are dropped to an angle of about 60- to 70-degrees from vertical, with some of your body’s weight supported by the shins. This keeps your spinal column upright, improving circulation, strengthing core muscles, and helping you to stay focused while you work. The chair comes in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, and grey. It’s also made of high-quality wood that gives it an impressive combination of strength and flexibility. 

Max weight capacity: 240lbs

$349 at Amazon

Best ergonomic chair under $100


This ergonomic office chair comes with everything you’re looking for in an office chair: Lumbar support, pneumatic controls to make sure it’ll fit comfortably with your current desk, and durable castors that roll on both hard and carpeted flooring. It also has a weight limit of 270 lbs, and it only costs $80.

Max weight capacity: 270lbs

$80 at Amazon

Best leather chair for under $100


This stylish office chair from Target comes upholstered in bonded leather and costs less than $100. For that cheap price, you’re giving up a few of the fancier features used by more expensive chairs, like lumbar support, but this is still a great, affordable option. And although it has a lower weight capacity, it does alternate between the minimum and maximum heights of 37 inches to 40.75 inches.

Max weight capacity: 225lbs

$80 at Target

Looking for a no-frills office chair?

Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and Target all have several listings for ergonomic office chairs that are relatively affordable. We recommend reading the reviews to find something with plenty of stars and glowing praise. Here are a few we spotted:

BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair for $60 at AmazonDillsboro Executive Chair for $90 from Wayfair
Ellingsworth Racing Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair for $99 from Wayfair
Serta Big and Tall Office Chair with Memory Foam for $159 at Walmart
Flash Furniture Mesh Back Computer Chair for $71 at WalmartBoss Office Budget Mesh Task Chair Black for $123 at Target

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