PS5 restock: Best Buy has it in stock right now – here’s how to get it

Update: As predicted, the Best Buy PS5 is happening right now, and our PS5 Twitter tracker account was the first to report it. Be sure to follow along if you miss it today.

Our PS5 restock Twitter tracking has eyes on Best Buy today, March 26, because the retailer usually does a PS5 drop from 12pm EDT to 3pm EDT. That’s not guaranteed, however. There’s been a Best Buy PS5 restock every Friday for the last five weeks, according to our warehouse sources inventory is ‘light. We give PS5 Disc a 75% chance of happening at Best Buy today, and PS5 Digital Edition a 0% chance of happening.

When will Best Buy PS5 restock? The date may be today

Our Best Buy PS5 restock alert will look like this (from last week):

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We’ve seen PS5 Best Buy restock orders open up for the last five consecutive weeks. Yet our PS5 Twitter tracker thinks it’s 75/25 for this Friday, March 26, but a 0% chance we’ll see PS5 Digital. This is based on the fact that Best Buy had fewer PS5 consoles on hand last Friday (PS5 Disc only, no Digital in the end) and it sold out very quickly (we were told in advance there was less inventory). This could be a catch-up week, or maybe the US retailer will surprise us by opening limited orders for a sixth Friday in a row. 

It usually happens in the afternoon. The past three drops, the Best Buy PS5 restock time has been 12pm EDT to 3pm EDT. Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker will alert you.

Best Buy PS5 restock tips

Buying the PS5 at Best Buy isn’t easy, and it works differently than every other store in the US. Basically, you need to click on the yellow Add to cart button, wait for the greyed out button to cycle through (it can take a while) and turn yellow again. Click it to add to your cart again and check out as quickly as possible. Jake Randall, YouTuber and restock tracker aficionado, has come excellent tips in this video.

Amazon PS5 restock date

Our white whale. Amazon is overdue for a PS5 restock, but nothing is ever confirmed at the online retail giant. We were sent information that a restock was scheduled for Thursday of last week with 46,000 consoles up for grabs, but that PS5 restock date clearly got shifted – and we’re not sure why. Amazon did have Xbox inventory already this week. Maybe it’ll offload those 46,000 console in inventory before the weekend.But really, who knows?

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The next Walmart PS5 restock date

Walmart is taking the longest of any retailer to ship the console.

The next Walmart PS5 restock date may be Thursday, April 1, according to the recent pattern that the retailer has followed with its PS5 drops. We didn’t see a restock this week for the PS5 (only an Xbox Series X restock via Microsoft’s All Access bundle). While we think Walmart may stick to its pattern, we also know it’s taking the longest of any retailer to ship the console to consumers, so this one is far from confirmed.

What our Walmart PS5 restock tracker looks like (March 4 example shown):

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Target PS5 restock date

Target employees have been the best at tipping us off at when there will be a PS5 restock, and it seems to be happening every two weeks like clockwork. It’s always been in the morning, recently between 7am EDT and and 9am EDT. Be warned, the time can fluctuate beyond that too, judging from past Target PS5 orders at launch, but it hasn’t changed too much recently. Like Walmart, Target inventory has been light, but two weeks should be enough catch-up time for the retailer.

Our Target PS5 restock alert will look like (March 11 date shown):

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Antonline PS5 restock

Antonline has publicly stated that it has “drops every week” and since it just offered a PS5 bundle yesterday, Thursday, March 25, we’re not anticipating another restock of the PlayStation 5 until next week. Note: Antonline tends to sell out in three minutes, but when it goes on sale, there are no waves or in stock/out of stock funny business with the add to cart button. 

If you get our PS5 restock alerts – like the one below – you have a shot… as long as you appreciate loaded bundles. It’s better than better than paying resellers.

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Official Sony PlayStation Direct store

Sony’s official stores has restocks more often than any single retailer and it uses a lottery system to keep things fair – and keep bots at bay. You need a PSN account and it’s one PS5 console per household. With a virtual queue that’s randomized, we’re always “in line” for the PS5 and attempting to reach checkout. About every other week, we can get through (but we never completely buy PS5 – just going through the motions for reporting purposes).

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