One in five US tech employees abuse pain relief drugs, reveals study

Tonya Hall sits down with Peter Harris, CEO at HighRes Biosolutions, about how robotic systems are being used for new drug discoveries.

Across all professional fields in the US, substance addiction can affect anyone, but are specific industries more at risk than others?

Some professions may require strenuous physical demands, however, and it appears substance abuse transcends these typically blue-collar industries and crosses into the white-collar world as well.

San Diego, Calif.-based provider of drug detox information and withdrawal guides — a subsidiary of America Addiction Centres looked at drug abuse data. This data came from the  National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2018, which found recurring patterns in specific industries across America.

The breakdown of data suggests issues are underlying the correlations between substance abuse and employment type.

One in five US Tech employees abuse pain relief drugs, reveals study zdnet

Across all industries in the US, almost one in 10 (8.76 percent) of all employees admit to engaging in illicit drug use. However, over 1 in 10 (11.4 percent) of workers in the Information Technology industry admit to having done so.

When broken down by type of substance, marijuana use is particularly high across all industries, averaging 53.1 percent overall. This suggests that cannabis use is not necessarily associated with specific types of employment, but has a far wider effect on the US workforce in general.

Nearly three out of five (58.01…

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