How much do influencers really earn? That depends on gender, among other factors

Start-up companies are falling behind on social media influence whereas older established companies are leading the way in social according to a new report.

Although Influencer marketing is now mainstream for brands that want to extend their marketing, influencers often do not earn as much for their posts as you might think.

Despite the growth in influencer marketing, there are no official standards for influencer pricing. Often brands have no idea how much to budget for their influencers in their campaigns.

New York-based influencer marketing platform Klear surveyed more than 2,500 influencers, across three leading social networks (Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook) to better understand influencer pricing.

To create its influencer pricing guide, Klear surveyed influencers with a variety of follower numbers across all industries,  

Its 2019 Influencer pricing report includes Instagram influencer rates by post, video and stories, YouTube and Facebook influencer rates, and Influencer pricing trends by geography, industry, and demographics.

Influencers fall into distinct groups based on the number of followers they have: nano (500-5K followers), micro (5-30K followers), power (30-500K followers), and celebrity (500K+ followers).

How much do influencers really earn online zdnet

 Almost half (46 percent) of all influencer activity occurs in the US. Yet pricing in the US does not differ significantly from the UK and Canada, despite these regions being less…

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