The importance of gas measurement for companies

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From natural gas measurement solutions to flue gas solutions, complex process applications and emission monitoring solutions to meet regulatory requirements, having great gas analyzers and integrated systems help companies to meet the greatest gas analysis challenges in a wide range of industries and applications.

Smart factories, per example, require real-time and seamless measurement technologies that can be trusted. Laser based gas analyzers match these requirements, and have gained significant market share over traditional technologies in the field of process analytics. Contrary to traditional gas measurement technologies, laser-based analyzers provide:

  • very fast measurement (<1s)
  • robust devices with no moving parts
  • excellent stability
  • very low maintenance and no consumables

Some gas analyzers, like the Blue X-FLR9 from are designed to continuously monitor multiple molecules of interest in real-time for process control applications.

Why gas detection is so important ?

Gas detectors are generally included in a workplace health and safety system, with portable instruments designed to protect personnel when working in potentially hazardous areas. Fixed gas detection systems include individual gas detectors connected to a central alarm panel, allowing constant monitoring of gas detection in the designated area.

Safety and health regulations stipulate the use of these devices in a wide range of industries, including mining, oil, gas, manufacturing, laboratory research and agriculture. Used as an essential part of security equipment, gas detectors can detect oxygen deficiencies, explosive atmospheres and multiple toxic gases, thus eliminating threats from dangerous and potentially deadly environments.

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