RTX 3080 stock tracker: buy the Nvidia GPU with our live Twitter updates

Our Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 stock tracker – with live Twitter updates – is going to help you buy the GPU, and so far we’ve found it back in stock at Amazon, Best Buy and even GameStop, with Newegg occasionally throwing it in to its Newegg Shuffle daily. Of course, the RTX 3080 is in stock for just minutes at a time for the MSRP of $699. It’s always available on eBay, but for inflated prices around $2,000. 

That’s why we started an RTX 3080 Twitter tracker to alert you when there’s new stock, just like we did with our PS5 restock and Xbox restock tracking.

Our Nvidia 3080 GPU restock alerts look like this (for example):

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On average, the Nvidia RTX 3080 is in stock for just two minutes when American retailers go live with inventory on waves. That’s why it’s important to get GPU restock alert on minute one. You hardly have time to get through the checkout process, and with Amazon’s 1-click buying process, it’s even harder to scoop up the 3080.

2. Figure out the US that will have GPU restocks

Amazon Nvidia RTX 3080 stock

Amazon is one of four retailers in the US that has had consistent RTX 3080 stock, and since we started tracking in February, it’s carried the Nvidia GeForce graphics card from six brands: Asus, MSI, PNY, Zotac, Gigabyte and EVGA. 

Amazon RTX 3080 restock is random, with dates and times happening at random. That’s why we’re setting up alerts – to connect to to the sought-after GPU as soon as it goes back in stock.

Best Buy Nvidia RTX 3080 stock

The Best Buy RTX 3080 is probably your best chance to buy the GPU in the US simply because Amazon makes it too easy to check out. As long as you have your credit card and address details correct ahead of time, you should be able to check out with Best Buy faster than others who trip over those formalities.

GameStop Nvidia RTX 3080 stock

GameStop has only recently started carrying GPUs, and it’s been coupling them with with next-gen console restock. So far, we’ve seen the The RTX 3080 from Asus, MSI and EVGA, though the plan for GameStop seems to be that it’ll carry more stock as soon as it becomes more readily available.

Newegg Nvidia 3080 stock

Newegg doesn’t pre-announce its Newegg shuffle, which is a lottery to buy the hard-to-find GPUs including the RTX 3080. We’ve been covering each and every Shuffle at TechRadar and tweet it out every some there’s a chance for you to purchase graphics card stock, no matter the brand.

Here’s what what our alerts look like for the Newegg Shuffle.

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