Coolant leaked from Russian part of ISS, crew safe: Roscosmos

Liquid has leaked from the Russian portion of the International Space Station but the crew are not in any danger, the Russian space agency Roscosmos said on Monday.

“The Nauka module of the Russian segment of the ISS has suffered a coolant leak from the external (backup) radiator circuit, which was delivered to the station in 2012,” Roscosmos said on Telegram suggesting there was no danger to the orbiting laboratory.

Last month, two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut landed back on Earth after spending a year at the ISS.

The three men had traveled on a Russian Soyuz to the ISS last year, in a mission that was meant to last only six months.

But the Soyuz suffered a leak probably due to impact from a tiny meteorite, so Moscow sent another rocket with no crew onboard.

The Russians and American then carried out the mission of the crew that was due to replace them.

The trio spent a year on the ISS—a rare venue for cooperation between the US and Russia—as tensions between Washington and Moscow intensified over the conflict in Ukraine.

2023 AFP

Coolant leaked from Russian part of ISS, crew safe: Roscosmos (2023, October 9)

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