Grab this bundle and start down the path to becoming a data analytics pro

Folks with data analytics backgrounds are in high demand right now, but the folks with the necessary skills to fill those roles are in short supply. According to PricewaterhouseCooper, there are a projected 2.9 million data analytics jobs available in the US alone, and they take a long time to fill. That means your potential dream job is sitting out there just waiting for you to take the opportunity to come and take it.

The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle is the perfect place to start. This collection of professionally-taught courses has everything you need to pick up the basics of data analysis and start building your knowledge base. It could be your first step to a higher paying job that will make you indispensable at your company, and you can get it on sale now for just $29.99.

Within the 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle, you’ll find everything that you need to lay the foundations for your new skillset. Start with Introduction to Python, a course that will get you familiar with one of the most powerful and versatile coding languages in the world. Then learn how to tackle Power BI, a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool from Microsoft.

With those tools in your arsenal, you’ll want to check out three courses that can help you make the most of Microsoft Excel and its powerful PivotTables, an ideal tool for data analysis. The Advanced PivotTables, Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX in Excel, and Advanced Excel 2019 courses all come highly recommended, with a 4.2 out of 5-star rating or higher.

The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle is a collection of courses you simply cannot miss out on, especially if you have aspirations as a data analyst. This bundle is valued at $450, but you can save 93% off that price right now. That means you pay just $29.99. It’s a great deal that could advance your career, so grab it before it’s gone!

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