Microsoft Edge is getting an Extended Stable release for risk-averse users

Testing, deploying and maintaining a new browser version every four weeks can be difficult for organizations which is why Microsoft will release a new Extended Stable release cycle option with the release of version 94 of Microsoft Edge.

Earlier this year, the software giant revealed that it would move from a 6-week to a 4-week release cycle just as Google has with Chrome which makes sense as both browsers are built on Chromium. 

Although power users and developers likely enjoy testing out the latest features in Edge, this faster release cycle added extra complexity for businesses that manage complex environments and need more time to plan and test.

This is why Microsoft has decided to allow enterprise organizations to opt in to an 8-week Extended Stable release cycle once Microsoft Edge 94 becomes available in September.

Microsoft Edge lifecycle policy

Due to the fact the Edge releases aren’t bound to major Windows releases, Microsoft more frequently updates its browsers with new features and settings.

In a new support document, the software giant explained that Edge will now follow its Modern Lifecycle Policy which covers products and services that are serviced and supported continuously. This means that security updates and services updates will only be available on the latest Stable channel release and latest Beta channel release going forward.

For organizations that opt in for Microsoft’s longer release cycle option for Edge, this means that the company will only make Assisted Support available for the most recent two Extended Stable channel releases. As a result, the effective assisted support duration for an Extended Stable channel release will be approximately 16 weeks once Edge 94 arrives.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge updates automatically by default and Microsoft recommends this as the best method to receive version releases regardless of which release cycle option organizations select. 

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