How to watch It’s a Sin online: stream the new Russell T Davies drama from anywhere

This new Russell T Davies miniseries follows five young gay men, who leave home to seek love, fame, and friendship in 1980s London – only for the AIDS epidemic to cast a dark pall over their plans. Heart-breaking and hilarious, it features young talent alongside veteran actors like Keeley Hawes and Stephen Fry. Read on as we detail here how you can watch It’s a Sin online from anywhere and stream every episode of the new Channel 4 drama, no matter where you are in the world right now.

Skins star Olly Alexander plays Ritchie, while Omari Douglas and Callum Scott Howells – both making their TV debuts – are Roscoe and Collin respectively. They arrive in London full of grandiose dreams – Roscoe to be rich, Ritchie to be ridiculously famous – and are in no time are enjoying their newfound freedom. But the arrival of a mysterious illness threatens to upend their lives, and heralds a fresh wave of discrimination for the LGBTQ+ community.

Davis portrays the realities of gay life honestly and unflinchingly, just as he did in the  ground-breaking Queer as Folk (2000), bringing an incredible authenticity to his recreation of 1980s London – from its grubby pubs to its conservative attitudes. 

At a time defined by Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic government, we see peaceful protests demanding “Aid for AIDS” violently dispersed, while the sight of police snapping on disposable gloves to do so reiterates the woeful ignorance about the virus’s transmission. And, when Ritchie dismisses AIDS as “a money-making scheme for drug companies”, it implies a fascinating parallel with COVID-19 conspiracy theorists today.

It’s a Sin combines the personal journeys of our protagonists with tremendous socio-political upheaval – and, like Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology, does so to incredibly potent effect. You can watch It’s a Sin online from anywhere now – just read below to find out how.

How to watch It’s a Sin online free in the UK

Premiering on Friday, 22 January on Channel 4 at 9pm, It’s a Sin will air every week at the same time. 

If you don’t have Freeview, satellite or cable, you can still watch all five episodes completely FREE on All 4 – either live at 9pm or on-demand. Registration is quick and only basic details like an email address are required, though note you should be in possession of a valid UK TV license.

Not in the UK today? UK residents need only follow our guide below and download a quality VPN to watch It’s a Sin just like they would back home.

How to watch It’s a Sin online from outside your country

That sun-soaked vacation might seem like something of a pipe dream right now, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. But if you are abroad when new episodes of the Russell T Davies drama become available, regional restrictions will prevent you from connecting to All 4 and streaming It’s a Sin online.

Luckily, a VPN provides a simple solution. This piece of software alters your IP address to that of another country, which means you can gain access to your preferred IPTV service and watch episodes of the latest buzz-worthy shows from anywhere.

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Once downloaded, find the location of your home country – or select it from the pre-defined list – and just click connect. Now you’ll be able to watch It’s a Sin online from anywhere, and won’t have to worry about missing a moment of this raw, real, and heart-warming drama.

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watch it's a sin online us

How to watch It’s a Sin: US release date on HBO Max

Not quite yet…but soon, hopefully! It’s a Sin was actually co-produced with HBO Max, and the impressive VOD service will be adding the London-based, 1980s set miniseries to its already packed library in ‘early-2021’ – which we reckon means February this year – once it’s finished its run on Channel 4 in the UK.

When it does, it will join over 10,000 hours of high-quality programming, including Game of Thrones, Westworld, the animated films of Studio Ghibli, every season of Friends…and all for $14.99 a month!

Sadly, any UK residents currently in the US will be blocked from streaming the show right away on All 4 – unless you grab a VPN and follow our instructions above, of course. The same is true for American residents out of their country wanting to access HBO Max from abroad, so it really is a great investment all round!

watch it's a sin online canada

It’s a Sin: Canada release date and how to watch

Close but no cigar. Amazon Prime Video has acquired the show in Canada, but there’s no confirmed release date yet. When it is available, new subscribers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial before deciding if they want to sign up at a monthly cost of CND$7.99. Membership includes access to thousands of films and TV shows, and brilliant perks like free same day delivery.

If you’re abroad and looking to connect to your registered Canadian VOD service, just download a VPN as per our guide above – they’re fast, intuitive to use, and will also keep your private data safe online. 

watch it's a sin online Australia

How to watch It’s a Sin online in Australia

We love you, Stan! The Australian streaming service will be adding new episodes at roughly the same time as they’re available in the UK – so weekly from 23 January 2021. 

An entry-level subscription is AUS$10 a month, but if it’s the first time you’ve registered, you get a 1-month free trial first – sufficient time perhaps to watch all five instalments!

For anyone travelling outside their home territory, remember that an easy fix to geo-blocking restrictions exists in the form of a VPN. Once installed (see how simple it is above), you’ll be able to watch every single episode of It’s a Sin online, just like you would Down Under.

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