Must-have for your toolbox: Wago connectors

I’m always on the lookout for things that make my work quicker, easier, more reliable, and last longer.

Lately I’ve started using something that ticks all the boxes.

Wago 221 connectors.

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Wago connectors, also known as lever nuts, are a great way to connect two, three, or five wires together.

Flip the lever open, shove the wire in, flip the lever closed.

They’re super simple.

Wago 221 connector tech specs:


Voltage rating (nominal/surge): 450V/4kVConductor size: 0.14 – 4 mm²/24 – 12 AWGApproval: UL 486CAvailability: 2-, 3- and 5-wire connectors

Wago connectors offer a fast and effective way to make safe and secure connections for indoor use or within a junction box. They are not waterproof so cannot be used outdoors or in damp conditions unless you use a Wago Gelbox, which will then offer IPX8 levels of moisture protection for the Wago 221 connectors.

I find that it’s the 2-conductor Wago 221 that I use the most, but I’ve found it handy to have the 75-piece kit that offers the 3- and 5-conductor versions too.

Note that there are a lot of clones and copies out there, but in my experience, they are nowhere near the quality of those offered by Wago, and I recommend you steer clear of them.

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