Out of smartphone manufacture, is LG eyeing software sector?

Now that it has exited smartphone manufacture, is LG Electronics pivoting towards software sector? It is a question that becomes inevitable in the light of the fact that South Korean tech major unveiled a mobile application for pedestrian safety today. And just the other week, LG had announced that FOSSLight (Free and Open Source Software Light) system, its open source software management tool, will be available free to outside developers.

Now, as then, the word from LG analysts is that it is looking to bolster its presence in the software community.

App for pedestrian protection

But what is interesting is that though LG is exiting smartphone production, its new app is branded as “smartphone solution for pedestrian protection”.

The app named Soft V2X, with V2X standing for “vehicle to everything,” can warn users of collision risks between pedestrians and vehicles, as well as possible car-to-car crashes.

V2X is a technology aimed at enabling data exchanges between a vehicle and its surroundings.

The app’s communication systems improve driver awareness of upcoming potential dangers and dramatically improve collision avoidance.

Its technology will also enhance traffic efficiency by providing warnings for upcoming traffic congestions, proposing alternative routes

The app can analyze data of the user’s location, moving direction and speed on the cloud system in real time. It alerts users with sound, vibration and warning messages when there is an accident risk.

The app will help avoid mishaps coming from vehicle blind spots and during severe weather conditions, LG said.

LG added it will expand partnerships with other companies and conduct various demonstration projects before commercializing the Soft V2X.

In April, after LG said it was giving up smartphone manufacturing business, it decided it will focus on R&D activities in telecommunications technologies.

LG is now expanding its research and partnerships with others to accelerate its digital transformation trend.

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