Twitter rolls out ‘Topics’ feature in India

Twitter has announced the rollout of Topics in India, a feature that lets people follow specific subjects of their interest, allowing them to see more content on these subjects on their timeline. 

Topics also give people the opportunity to connect with individuals who share their interests. 

When a user chooses to follow a Topic – whether it’s their favourite band, sports team or even a city – they’ll see Tweets from a whole host of accounts that are experts, fans or ones who tend to discuss that subject a lot on Twitter on their timeline.

Topics for India are launched in English and Hindi. Within a Hindi Topic, people will be able to see Tweets in Devanagari  script, as  well as Hindi  speech typed in the Roman alphabet.

Twitter’s commitment to Indian languages

In India, Topics are customised to those interests that are relevant to Indian audiences

Manish Maheshwari, MD, Twitter India: “India is an important market for Twitter. We want to strengthen the service’s value for Indian audiences by giving them more control over   what   they   want   to   see   on   their   timelines.”

He said: “Topics will allow people to engage with content they love and find people with like-minded interests, empowering them to choose their   feed. The addition of Hindi  Topics demonstrates our commitment to diversity of conversations across languages.”

Users will be able to follow conversations about a Topic like they have been following accounts — with a single tap.  

Topic suggestions will appear in the timeline and in the search bar based on what is most relevant to them. 

Apart from Hindi, Topics are also available in English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean.

 ‘How To’ on Topics

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How to search for Topics you want to follow:

●Open the Twitter app on your phone

●Click on the icon with three horizontal lines on the top left of the app

●Tap on ‘Topics’ — you will see a list of ‘Suggested Topics’

●Tap the ‘Follow’ button on the ones you find interesting

●Click on ‘More Topics’ at the end of the list to explore a wider list of Topics and sub-Topics to choose from

●You can also explore the Topics Selector page, which provides a list of Topics to follow. 

How to stop following a Topic that you no more wish to see on your timeline:

●Open the Twitter app on your phone

●Click on the sidebar icon on the top left of the app, represented by three horizontal lines

●Tap on ‘Topics’ — you will see a list of Topics you are already following

●Tap the ‘Following’ button and press ‘Unfollow’ to confirm. 

How to share your Topics with others

●From a Topic’s page, tap the new share icon

●It will let you send a link to the Topic in a Tweet, DM, or outside of Twitter.

Twitter said ‘Topics’ in Hindi will only be available to people whose device settings are in Hindi.

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