Can you build a gaming PC at Best Buy on Black Friday?

Best Buy PC Components

When I was growing up, Best Buy was pretty much never really a place you could go to build a new PC. Sure, you could capitalize on some Best Buy Black Friday deals to pick up a new hard drive if you were running out of storage, but you could never use it as a one stop shop, like you could in a place like Micro Center. However, Best Buy is slowly becoming a better, well-stocked place to pick up all things PC. 

Now, obviously, you won’t find the same degree of variety as you will in a more specialist retailer or online at Newegg, but if you’re living in the suburbs and a big box store is all you have available to you, its still possible to get most of your computer shopping in one spot. 

Not the best selection but still everything you need

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Let’s take a trip down to Best Buy

Because I have these memories of Best Buy being a PC component desert, I’ve been increasingly surprised when seeing some pretty decent deals come out of its online store, especially during seasonal shopping events like Black Friday. The way I always looked at that was that the online store just had more variety because it had a whole warehouse to ship things out of. So, naturally I went to my local Best Buy to awkwardly wander through the computing section. 

And, frankly, I was surprised at just how many computing components Best Buy had on offer. The first thing I saw when I meandered over to the computing components aisle – there was just one – was an entire row of PC power supplies. Nothing super high-end like a 1200W unit, but plenty of 850W 80+ Gold PSUs that should be more than good enough for most people. That’s good – everyone should have access to power supply that won’t…

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